The Chateau Shop

Cafe Custoza, the cash desk and the Chateu boutique are located in the left side wing of the Chateau.

The elegant fashion line Hunting Dress Code was founded by Petra Sternbergova as a brand new activity of the Jemniště Chateau. It is designed for lovers of a style, which is suitable for thematic fairs and work meetings, as well as for a walk in the nature, representative parts of hunts, but goes well with jeans, too, because wool is irresistible. It will suit ladies park architects and chic gardeners, as well as forest engineers, academics, agriculture and environment ministry employees or dog-breeders. Simply ladies, who enjoy to look good not only in concerts, opera or theatre. One's own style can be donned anytime. It depends only on how precisely and innovatively it is tailored and in which colours. Hunting Dress Code will, step by step and by smaller collections, bring more diversity and originality to ladies' wardrobes.

First months have shown that there are many ladies interested in the fashion outside the above mentioned field. Tha coats, paletots, jackets, dresses and latealy also skirts will again appear in lifestyle magazines this year.


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