Religious wedding ceremonies

Are held in the baroque St. Joseph´s chapel where the most beautiful baroque works of the château can be admired- the fresco "Ascension" in the presbytery by V. V. Rainer and M. B. Braun was participated in the decoration of the main altar. The side altars with the portraits of St.Terezie of Avila and St. Francis of Assisi are J. P. Molitor´s work.

Inside, there are 70 seats, additional 50 guests can comfortably stand. Newly renovated original baroque organ adds proper refinement to the ceremony. We cooperate with the organist Jakub Janšta who leads the choir in the Francis of Assisi church in Prague. You can arrange with Mr. Janšta specific musical accompaniment to your ceremony on his telephone number +420 728 214 948. We recommend to follow his opinion because he helps you in choosing appropriate compositions. Music is included in the rental price. After the agreement we like to arrange floral decoration for you.

Jemniště comes under the parish office in Bystrice u Benešova. For more details contact the priest of Bystřice Mr. Antonín Košmídek.

In the château,  Ms. Hana Bačicová, phone: +420 731 903 995, e-mail: , arranges with you all the details regarding your religious wedding ceremony. You receive "Guidelines for the wedding couples", which we want from you to sign to avoid any misunderstanding during the wedding day. Signed rules are binding not only for wedding couples, but for all the wedding guests.

St. Joseph's Chapel ceremony: CZK 13 000 VAT incl
The price includes payment for the organist. Taking photos in the Main hall (20 mins): CZK 2 000 VAT incl.


Guidelines for the wedding couples

  1. No entrance for dogs to the whole territory of the château, incl. the park. No entrance for cars and motorbikes to the courtyard of honour.
  2. Pfotographing in exposition is allowed for a fee CZK 2 000 (20min). It is necessary to report it at latest 14 days before the wedding. the expenses can be defrayed on the wedding day. The entry to the exposition is allowed only for bridal pair and the photograph and always accompanied by the emplyee of the château. Participation of the cameraman in exposition is not allowed.
  3. All the photographers are obligated to respect directions of the employee of the château.
  4. No drinking alcohol in St. Joseph Chapel, before and after civil or religious wedding.
  5. Pfotographing in the park and at the courtyard of honour is free of charge. The emplyee admits the bridal pair and the wedding guests into the park - " ONE - TIME " through the back door of the vestibule. The number of people is not limited. The return from the park is possible only through Café Custoza.
  6. In case of any questions do not hesitate to contact Hana Bečicová, tel. +420 731 903 995, e-mail:    E.g. : permission of entry the car for disabled peolpe to the courtyard.
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