You have found your true love, the love of your life with whom you want to laugh, dry their tears, live through the good times and the bad times, and grow old together. Sooner or later you will most likely confirm your commitment to each other in front of your family and friends, or maybe just witnesses, with marriage vows - before God, the Church and the state.

At one time it was unthinkable not to have an engagement precede a wedding. In the past, this act was just as important as the marriage itself. The mutual promise to spend the rest of your lives together (as well as sharing property, being equal partners and having children together) was celebrated and considered a very serious social matter and was performed according to strict rules.

Today an engagement has no legal effectiveness - that's why I think highly of all those who, according to the old customs, humbly offer their hearts and anxiously await an answer. This romantic ritual has been captured in hundreds of films and described in many books...

... Thanks to poetic souls, it's returning to our lives. Extraordinary surroundings belong to that unique moment that little girls and women dream of. That fairytale place, which is made for that most intimate ceremony for two, lies about an hour's drive from Prague. Until the last moment it's hidden from view, from those who don't want to stop, or can't. Its exceptional charm will enchant everyone who opens the wrought-iron gates leading to the courtyard.
We will do everything for happy ending of your fairy-tale.
If your love believes that your lives together will be just like the fairytale evening or weekend at Jemniste, she will almost certainly say yes when you ask for her hand.


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